+372 5155530            info@kelgukoer.ee

+372 5155530            info@kelgukoer.ee

How to get on the tour?

1. Check where the starting point of the tour is located
2. Figure out how to get to that point (rent a car or use buses from Tartu Coach Station to bus stop Saki
If you are coming from Tallinn, take a bus to Tartu from Luxexpress, if you want to come from Tartu by bus, you can do that only on Wednesday or Saturday and take the tour at 13.00
Check the time table.
3. Read thoroughly the information about the tour
4. Book the tour if you like it. Press the button below.
5. Fill the booking form and wait for an invoice to your e-mail
6. Pay the booking fee (20% from total) by bank transfer. Booking fee is not refundable if you will cancel your booking!
7. Your tour is booked when the payment has been received.
8. In case we have to cancel your tour because of weather conditions (not enough minus temperatures and snow), we will inform you not later than 48 hours before your tour and will offer you a new time for your tour or refund 100% of the paid amount

Information about the tour

~2,5 hours
Rest stop on the half way and campfire
Catering (tea, sausages, cheese, toast) to order (10€/person at age 13+ and 5€/person at age 12 and less)
Max. 8 participants
Min. age 3 years

80€/person (age 13+)
60€/person (age 7-12)
40€/person (age 3-6)

Friday – Sunday (and official holidays in Estonia)
100€/person (age 13+)
70€/person (age 7-12)
50€/person (age 3-6)

Mandatory equipment

winter clothing (warm underwear and layered clothing, jacket and trousers have to be warm, wind and water proof)

winter boots (at least 2-3 sizes bigger than usual, there have to be enough space for 1 pair of wool socks at the temperature above -5 degrees and for 2 pair of wool socks at the temperature below -5 degrees)

winter gloves (warm gloves at the temperature above -10 degrees and warm mittens at the temperature below -10 degrees. For kids at age 13 years or younger mittens are mandatory at any minus temperature!)

In case you don’t have the chance to get the required equipment yourself, let us know and we can rent you a limited amount of equipment!

The tour starts on time!
You must be at the starting point 15-20 min. before the start!

Visit of Sleddogs Training Centre

Visit tour in
sleddog kennel

Long distance musher Heinrich Lukk will talk all about sleddogs

1,5 h

1540 persons

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